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ShopDaTech, Inc. (SDT) is your business solution company. This entity allow SDT to broaden our horizons and at the same time offer hope to others. We listen to our client’s business ideas and dreams and help you become a competitive marketable business in today’s society. Our goal is to assist our clients in a agile management platform in becoming their very best.


The owner of ShopDaTech, Marcus Henry is an I.T. Geek and has purchased and tested many different computer components, built computers and servers from the beginning, along with written many software applications.  Right now, we will carry over 100 products that the owner has picked for you.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.


ShopDaTech service technicians are very well versed in the I.T. hardware and software arena from skills on working on a personal computer, developing websites, computer programming, to administering network servers. The owner has worked for many fortune 500 companies from a network administrator, a senior programmer to a web developer.


Our goal for ShopDaTech is to work with  government agencies, corporations, churches, and non profits to develop their web applications and sell or quote them on their computer products needs, work with your network systems and provide many types of other computer services.  Our focus in a client is when it comes to them making money; we want to contribute and if we see a weakness, we want to let you know.

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