Web Application

An effective digital presence is the core of the business growth and your website plays a vital role in it. ShopDaTech crafts polished and robust web solutions using MS Access, Classic ASP, .Net, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript(AngularJS, Node.js, ReactJS and Vue.js) that helps you to penetrate the target market and get maximum results. We develop the web solutions keeping the end-users in mind. That’s the reason our websites create an ecstatic user experience. And yes, we make sure that your websites look equally spectacular and provide a memorable experience no matter what device it is. Call us at 888-800-3803 or create a support ticket so we can get started today!

Here are some of the industries we impact:
Automotive and Transportation
Industries & Manufacturing
Retail & Ecommerce
Travel & Hospitality

Our process consist of gather the information needed, set up planning and design, afterward develop your application, test your application and finally, deliver it to you.

New Application Development
We at ShopDaTech leverage our experience in software analysis, engineering, and multi-level testing to adapt technology to your unique business challenges and needs and deliver a precisely tailored solution that will guarantee high performance, scalability and uncompromised quality required for your company to succeed.

Outsourced Product Engineering
With years in software product development business, we make sure to guide companies – both the ones outsourcing for the first time and experienced in this area – through every single step essential to the successful product delivery, starting from idea initiation and concept creation all the way to design, actual development and testing, as well as licensing and monetization.

Web Services and Back-ends for Mobile Solutions
ShopDaTech experts develop high productivity middleware, API’s, data connectors and scalable web back-end solutions for mobile to bring the power of seamless data interchange between mobile clients along with integral user experience, making sure your business continues to operate efficiently as it grows. We also make use of available tools provided by modern platforms to start small and expand in parallel with the business.

Advanced Front-end Development
Usability analysts and UX architects are engaged into the development from initial planning stages to ensure clean, user-focused interfaces of the systems we produce. It brings user recognition to simple applications and provides the required performance, consistency and efficiency to bigger enterprise-grade systems.
Legacy Software Re-design and Enhancement

ShopDaTech makes the transition of your legacy applications easy and smooth by migrating them to modern technology platforms, implementing more efficient and appropriate development methods, and renovating user interface – all that underlined by a thorough system analysis that results in a comprehensive enhancement and support plan and new software that will keep your business grow.